Definitions for "Rigging"
Keywords:  spars, mast, sail, shrouds, crane
Dress; tackle; especially (Naut.), the ropes, chains, etc., that support the masts and spars of a vessel, and serve as purchases for adjusting the sails, etc. See Illustr. of Ship and Sails.
(1) The art of combining and securing the proper slings and hitches to the proper pick of an object to be lifted. The person responsible for this is the rigger; (2) the actual slings and equipment used in moving large objects.
divided into two parts; Standing rigging which is permanently secured and not movable (ie. secures the mast); and Running rigging which pulls up the sails and adjusts the sails' shape.
the apparatus used in high wire or aerial acts
Adjusting and altering accessories in shell such as outriggers, boot stretchers, tracks, sliding seats, etc. sometimes the accessories themselves.
The adjustment and alteration of accessories (riggers, foot-stretchers, oar, etc.) in and on the shell. Examples of rigging adjustments that can be made are the height of the rigger, location of the foot-stretchers, location and height of the oarlocks, location of the button (or collar) on the oar and the pitch of the blade of the oar.
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collective noun for the equipment used to suspend the lighting equipment
The way in which mobile scenery is controlled.
Any necessary equipment or hardware used to attach a load to a hoist.
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all the lines on the dogs and sled
The general term for all the lines of a vessel.
This refers to the technical aspects of filmmaking. Rigging is the placement of lights, whether it is on the ground, from the roof, next to the catwalk above the camera line, in preparation for shooting. On exterior shots the catwalks are replaced with platforms and scaffolds from which lights and lighting effects can be hung.
On a saddle, straps that connect the cinch and the saddletree.
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Rigging Rode Parts , Rigging
Dressing of a mannequin or form. The padding, pinning and plumping out of merchandise on the inanimate object to make the merchandise look and fit better and to emphasize the best features of the garment.
The settings for the riggers to create the perfect stroke. (i.e. pitch, inboard, outboard)
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Gates, risers, loose pieces, etc., needed on the pattern to produce a sound casting. See Casting, Gate, Riser, Loose Pieces, Pattern.
The process of inserting a digital skeleton into a 3d object or character in order to animate the object or character.
See character setup.