Definitions for "Rigger"
A framework attached to the shell and used to support the oarlock; also called an "outrigger".
Metal supports that are on the side of a shell. They hold the oar.
An apparatus on the side of the boat to provide a fulcrum for the lever (oar).
A cylindrical pulley or drum in machinery.
1. Responsible for machinery uncrating, unskidding, positioning, leveling, and reskidding. 2. Skilled labor responsible for attaching signs, banners, truss, and other equipment to ceiling of exhibit hall.
A laborer responsible for machinery uncrating, unskidding, positioning, leveling, and reskidding.
an airframes technician where I come from, and we are generally referred to as rigpigs by other tradesmen
airframe mechanic
A technician chiefly responsible for the rigging for a tour or production. See Also: Rigging
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A long slender, and pointed sable brush for making fine lines, etc.; -- said to be so called from its use by marine painters for drawing the lines of the rigging.
a long slender pointed sable brush used by artists
Hoist tackle worker
Builds the scaffolds and rigs for the cameras and lighting. A specialized grip.
a sailing vessel with a specified rig; "a square rigger"
A certified expert who modifies, repairs or re-packs reserves. Not the kind of guy whose wife you'd want to be dating.
n. A specialized type of deckjockey who is an expert at cybernetic link-up to, and control of, a machine (typically a vehicle or building security system).
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One who rigs or dresses; one whose occupation is to fit the rigging of a ship.
someone who rigs ships
someone who works on an oil rig
Person licensed to supervise the fixing and securing of heavy loads, such as lighting or sound systems which may need to be suspended or 'flown'.
an important person in any branch of heavy industry
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a perfect example of a hull forward, and prop way back geometry
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A small console (which nowadays can be hand-held) for operating lights during focusing
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a person who is traditionally very strong, physically fit, enjoys heights and is extremely responsible and safety conscious
Its elongated shape is designed for painting minute details.
a person who hooks themselves directly into a machine to use it