Definitions for "Rift"
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p. p. of Rive.
An opening made by riving or splitting; a cleft; a fissure.
To cleave; to rive; to split; as, to rift an oak or a rock; to rift the clouds.
A sawing technique similar to quartersawing, except the saw angle varies slightly. This process produces vertical grain which is more uniform in appearance and also more stable.
Quarters produced on staylog machine.
The cut slices slightly across the medullary rays, accentuating the vertical grain and minimizing the flake. Rift grain is restricted to red and white oak.
The Rift is a fictional wormhole in the science fiction television series Doctor Who and Torchwood, one end of which is located in Cardiff Bay, Wales. The other end is apparently floating freely through spacetime, and matter and radiation can pass through the Rift, allowing extraterrestrial and extratemporal artifacts, and occasionally lifeforms, to "wash up" in Cardiff. Torchwood Institute: The Rift, URL accessed 2006-10-30 It is described as "Unpredictable and elusive, it’s a gateway for alien creatures, alien weapons, all manner of alien technology and time anomalies to enter our world" and the "flotsam and jetsam of the universe since the dawn of time." Torchwood Institute: What is the Rift?
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To belch.
a tear in the fabric of the rules that we live by, or a crack in the way things are and have been
a zone of weakness on a volcano along which eruptions tend to occur
A fracture or crack in a planet's surface caused by extension. On some volcanoes, subsurface intrusions are concentrated in certain directions; this causes tension at the surface and also means that there will be more eruptions in these "rift zones."
Rift is the sixth studio album by rock band Phish. It is the band's second concept album, whose narrator is dreaming about the rift in his relationship with his girlfriend. Recorded in September and October 1992, it was released by Elektra Records on February 2, 1993.
a thinning in the Earth's surface caused by stretching the surface through geological stress
Tall thin passage with or without a floor; a disagreement between members of the expedition.
A vertical fracture in the rock, created by geological stress A passage formed along such a fracture, usually tall and narrow
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An apparent division of the Milky Way caused by dark clouds of superposed dust.
a gap between cloud masses; "the sun shone through a rift in the clouds"
An elongate depression where the entire thickness of the lithosphere has deformed under the influence of extensional forces
Real Time Strategy based on ficticious native american tribes.
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A shallow place in a stream; a ford.
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a region of interstellar space where there are few stars
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Reactor-In-Flight Test stage (nuclear power)
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a spreading center not a specific point