Definitions for "Ricochet"
A rebound or skipping, as of a ball along the ground when a gun is fired at a low angle of elevation, or of a fiat stone thrown along the surface of water.
To skip with a rebound or rebounds, as a flat stone on the surface of water, or a cannon ball on the ground. See Ricochet, n.
The glancing rebound of a projectile after impact.
spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
A wireless Internet service from Metricom, Inc., Los Gatos, CA. It uses appoximately 100 small "microcell" radio transceivers attached to utility poles within a 20-square mile cell. Each cell has one wired access point, which is a sp-q, frame relay connection to the Internet. Each microcell bounces digital signals from the mobile devices to other microcells and eventually to its wired access point. The transceivers in this MicroCellular Data Network (MCDN) employ 162 frequency-hopping channels in the 902-928MHz band from user to microcell. The 2.4GHz band is used in the rest of the system, and licensed spectrum in the 2.3GHz band is used for its high-speed service. Rocochet modems attach to laptops and other handhelds via the serial port. Ricochet 1 provides 28.8 Kbps service with access primarily to stationary users, while Ricochet 2, introduced in 2000, offers 128 Kbps for the commuter in transit. First deployed in Washington, DC, Seattle and Silicon Valley, coverage in more than 40 urban areas is expected by 2002.
Wireless Internet service initially deployed in Silicon Valley, Seattle and Washington, D.C. See Ricochet.
Ricochet was an alternate identity used by the fictional superhero Spider-Man, and later adopted by college student Johnny Gallo, who appeared in the Marvel Comics' series, Slingers.
Ricochet is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers universes.
"Ricochet" is the fifth episode of the second series of the Supermarionation television series Thunderbirds. Its original air date on ATV Midlands in the United Kingdom was 30 october 1966. It was written by Tony Barwick and directed by Brian Burgess.
Ricochet is the first live album by German electronic music group Tangerine Dream. The album was released in 1975. It consists of two long compositions mixed from taped recordings of the England and France portions of their fall 1975 European Tour.
"Ricochet" (sometimes rendered "Rick-o-Shay" and also as "Ricochet Romance") is a popular song. The credits show it to be written by Larry Coleman, Joe Darion, and Norman Gimbel, without apportioning the work on the lyrics and music, in 1953. In fact, since Coleman and Darion wrote "Changing Partners" the same year, with Darion as lyricist and Coleman as composer, while Gimbel wrote the English lyric for "Sway" the same year, it can be concluded that Coleman wrote the music and Darion and Gimbel the lyrics.
Heath Wright, lead singer of Ricochet, was born April 22, 1967, and was raised in Vian, OK. The band Ricochet was formed after brothers Jeff and Junior Bryant disbanded their own Texas-based band, Lariat, to team with Wright, as well as musicians Greg Cook, Teddy Carr and Eddie Kilgallon. After producer Ron Chancey saw the band play in a club in Columbia, Mo., he tipped off his son Blake Chancey, an executive at Sony Music in Nashville.
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Ricochet is a multiplayer mod of the popular first-person shooter Half-Life. It was developed by Valve Software and originally released on November 1, 2000.The patch of the game on was later released on June 12, 2002. It is an official mod, and is available through Steam for purchase; however, it is free for those who purchased the retail version of Half-Life prior to the release of Steam.
Ricochet, published by Superior Software in 1987, is an adventure game for the BBC Micro and the Acorn Electron featuring elements of both platform and puzzle games. It was written by Neil Davidson and David Williams, with some graphics done by Nik Weston and Guy Burt. The object of the game was to retrieve five hourglasses from diverse scenarios to restore the flow of time.
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a move that uses ricochet to add power to a second move. Can be two blocks or a block followed by a strike.
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To operate upon by ricochet firing. See Ricochet, n.