Definitions for "Richard"
Richard († 1178) was a 12th century bishop of Dunkeld. He got the bishopric of Dunkeld, the second most prestigious bishopric in Scotland-north-of-the-Forth, after serving the King of Scots. He was capellanus Regis Willelmi, that is, chaplain of King William of Scotland, and had probably been the chaplain to William during the reign of King Máel Coluim IV.
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Older and Far Away - S6 - Co-worker of Xander's who he brings to Buffy'S21st birthday party.
a Chartered Accountant and a founder of the Company
an experienced financial advisor and Company Secretary and for the past ten years has worked closely with emerging biotechnology companies based in Australia providing financial and managerial advice and assistance
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a popular speaker and local media personality, and has created his own audio and video tape series