Definitions for "Rice vinegar"
komezu brewed from rice and milder than most western vinegars; very light and sweet. Used for sushi and salad dressings; can be substituted with cider vinegar, diluted with a little water SUSHI VINEGAR su special blend of rice vinegar, sugar and salt used to make sushi rice. Ready-to-use sushi vinegar is available in liquid or powdered form
There are three kinds of Chinese rice vinegars: white, black and red made from fermented rice. White vinegar is colorless, much milder than Western distilled vinegar and is used primarily in sweet-and-sour dishes. Black vinegar is milder than Western malt vinegar and is most often used as a table condiment (goes very well with shark's fin soup). Red vinegar or red vinegar sauce is a sweet, spicy flavored vinegar from Zhejiang. Unlike Western products, Chinese vinegars are more nutritious and feature more interesting flavors. Rice vinegar is available in Asian markets and many supermarkets. See also Zhenjiang vinegar.
A lightly-flavored vinegar made from rice. Found in the Asian section of most supermarkets.