Definitions for "RIAA"
Recording Industry Association of America.
The Recording Industry Assiciation of America, a company frequently demonised for doing their job - protecting the interests of the artists they represent by persuing people illegally copying their music. More accurately it's the way they go about it that people hate so much - sueing the consumers to scare others in to obeying the law. My site generally lists whether or not an album mentioned is released by an RIAA affiliated label so that the user can make an informed choice about whether or not they want to support labels that effectively support a company that wants to kill off the current favourite method for discovering new music. This may or may not be written from a biased point of view. Wikipedia link: Official link:
Record Industry Association of America. The standard equalisation to be applied to a signal from a record deck pick-up. Phono pre-amps have RIAA circuitry built-in.