Definitions for "Ria"
Registered Investment Adviser. Investment advisor registered with the SEC. No certification is required.
Registered Investment Advisor. an individual or firm, who, for a fee, provides investment management or counsel to the investing public. The advisor is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and operates in compliance with the Commissionâ€(tm)s regulations and regulatory review.
Registered investment adviser. A person involved in the sale of financial advice or counsel for a fee. An RIA must be registered with the SEC or the states in which he or she does business, depending upon various criteria.
a river valley drowned, usually because sea level has risen but it could be because the land level has fallen
A ria is a submergent coastal landform, often known as a drowned valley or drowned river valley. Rias are almost always estuaries. Rias form where sea levels rise relative to the land either as a result of eustatic sea level change; where the global sea levels rise or isostatic sea level change; where the land sinks.
Ria is the installer for a collection of available rpms to enable different restricted media formats in Fedora. It will make installing them easier while fixing the dependency problems by itself. Currently it supports XMMS, GStreamer & Mplayer & Anjuta.
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Rich Internet Applikationnen
Rich Internet Applications. Applications such as Ajax and Flash that provide a better user experience by delivering content in an on-demand web environment.
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radio immunoassay
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RIA RIS Rock Island Dam Adult Fishways 730 RIA Dam Columbia Upper
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Alpharel Group IV raster graphics
Regulatory Impact Assessment. A way of evaluating a policy before it is put in place that shows what the likely consequences will be, including the likely risks, benefits and costs associated with all of the possible options. As an integral part of the whole policy making process, an RIA can be a useful tool for creating better regulation.
Regulatory Impact Analysis; Regulatory Impact Assessment
Rare Isotope Accelerator. A proposed facility to produce and explore new rare isotopes that cannot be found on Earth.
A radioactively (typically 125I) tagged antibody is used to detect extremely low quantities of binding to sample proteins. This can be performed in a multi-well format using glass fiber to capture and wash the samples.
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Rail Industry Association
Reports on Investigative Activity