Definitions for "Rhinestones"
Rhinestones are highly reflective glass cut and polished to imitate gemstones. The original rhinestones were quartz stones (rock crystal) obtained from the Rhine river.
An imitation stone that is colorless and has a glow or luster made of gem quartz, glass, or paste. Please refer to the Soséya Placecard Holder or Niña Kirei Jewel Votive for examples. These sparkling wedding favors have become popular for a Hollywood-inspired or jeweled wedding theme. Read more about rhinestone or jeweled wedding favors.
Now days are highly reflective glass made to imitate gemstones. The original rhinestones were quartz, obtained from the Rhine river, that were cut to resemble gemstones. Now days rhinestones is made of highly reflective leaded glass which is faceted and polished.
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Simulated diamonds.