Definitions for "RFI"
Radio Frequency Interference. Presence of a radio signal that isn't desired which creates noise in the system or other problems. RFI can get into a system through bad grounding in the power supply or interconnections. Low quality wireless microphone receivers are much more susceptable to RFI than higher quality units.
Refers to the problem of a device being susceptible to having its function compromised by interference from nearby high powered transmission.
Radio France Internationale
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Request for Interest
Requests for Information. Where an issuer requests an acquirer to supply details of a cardholder's specific transaction undertaken at a point-of-sale device.
General notification of an intended purchase of equipment or equipment and lines sent to potential suppliers to determine interest and solicit general escriptive product materials, but not prices or a formal request.
RCRA Facility Investigation
RCRA Feasibility Investigation
remote failure indication. a failure is a defect that persists beyond the maximum time allocated to the transmission system protection mechanisms; when this situation occurs, an RFI is sent to the far end and will initiate a pr
Remote failure indication. An object that detects problems with the SONET line layer.
remote failure indication. A SONET port status indicator that activates when an line remote failure indication (LRFI) defect occurs and does not clear throughout the alarm integration period, which is typically 2.5 seconds. An LRFI defect occurs when bits 6, 7, and 8 of the byte are 110 for three consecutive frames. This occurrence begins the alarm integration period. If this period elapses without the detection of three consecutive frames in which bits 6, 7, and 8 show any pattern other than 110, the LRFI indicator activates. The LRFI indicator clears when a line alarm indication signal defect does not occur for a time interval equal to the alarm deactivation period (typically10 seconds).
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Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
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Reserve for Improvement. In support of a recharge activity, accumulation of contributions for approved purposes that exceed the purposes of the Reserve for Equipment (Reserve for Renewal and Replacement). DaFIS OP Fund numbers are in the 75xxx range. This is an unallowable cost for federal clients.
Any induced, radiated, or conducted electrical disturbance or transient that causes undesirable responses or malfunctioning in any electrical or electronic equipment, device, or system. (also RFI).
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Rotary flux injection for injecting flux into a melt.
Rail Freight Interchange - a facility facilitating transfer of freight between rail and road
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Ready For Issue
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Research for Industry (an Output Class).