Definitions for "RfD"
see Rural Free Delivery.
an acronym for "Rural Free Delivery"
Rural Free Delivery. a service of the Post Office, begun as an experiment in rural West Virginia on October 1, 1896, that provided free mail delivery to homes, primarily farmers, outside of the urban areas
EPA's reference doses
An estimate (with uncertainty spanning perhaps an order of magnitude) of a daily oral exposure of a chemical to the human population (including sensitive subpopulations) that is likely to be without risk of deleterious noncancer effects during a lifetime.
reference dose (EPA)
Request for Discussion. An official posting to news.groups that asks for comments and opinions regarding the proposal to create a new Newsgroup. Part of the formal Newsgroup creation process.
Request For Discussion; another step in the process of creating a new newsgroup.
(Request For Discussion) Usually a two- to three-week period in which the particulars of newsgroup creation are battled out.
RFD is a reader-written magazine focused on queer country-living and alternative lifestyles. It was founded in 1974, and has been edited at various locations and by different groups over the course of its existence. The magazine is published on a quarterly basis from Liberty, Tennessee.
rear flank downdraft. A region of dry air subsiding on the back side of, and wrapping around, a mesocyclone. It often is visible as a clear slot wrapping around the wall cloud. Scattered large precipitation particles (rain and hail) at the interface between the clear slot and wall cloud may show up on radar as a hook or pendant; thus the presence of a hook or pendant may indicate the presence of an RFD.
Railfreight Distribution
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Razorfen Downs
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Reduced Function Device. A ZigBee device with limited functionality and can not function as a master (controller) in a network. Also see ZigBee. Contrast with FFD.
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