Definitions for "Revision"
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The act of revising; reëxamination for correction; review; as, the revision of a book or writing, or of a proof sheet; a revision of statutes.
Part of the writing process. Writers revise by rereading and rethinking a piece of writing to see where they need to add, delete, move, replace, reshape, and even completely recast ideas.
the process of re-writing some or all of a piece of writing such as an essay. Rewriting does not mean copying over; instead it implies significant change over the original. (See also editing.)
The obligation of an author or illustrator to make changes to an original work in order to make the finished product more saleable. Revision clauses that spell out the degree of revision and time allowed are usually included in publishing agreements. Editors and authors or illustrators typically work closely together during the revision process, with give and take on both sides.
A change that is made to the building design, component details, location of accessories, etc.
of international labour standards is contemplated by the ILO Constitution and involves a change to the international standard previously adopted by the International Labour Conference. Detailed information about the revision process
the act of revising or altering (involving reconsideration and modification); "it would require a drastic revision of his opinion"
a complete restatement of the law
a minor graphical alteration (font, color, placement, etc
Third digit in a product number (dot dot release). A change in the revision happens whenever the shipping product rev. Product may be rev for a specific bug fix or to fix some port related issues.(e.g. 2.1.3 to 2.1.4) No new functionality is added in a revision release. Revision releases are not proactively shipped to customers on support.
changing from one type of surgery to another, or correcting a surgery that failed.
a free maintenance release intended to correct reported problems and/or improve the performance of MediaFiler
A subsequent part drawing usually denoting new corrected or improved version.
This keyword defines the "revision" attribute for the product object. The revision information (release number, version) for the product.
A specific version of a file within the depot.
a snapshot of a working tree that is created by running commit
a snapshot of the repository of a particular moment in time
A numbered draft of specific updates to individual files. Each time you edit a file and commit it back to the repository, the file's revision number increases.
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A surgical operation designed to replace all or part of the shunt.
When the residual limb is surgically modified. (Ex. Removal of sharp boney prominence, shorten residual limb for better vascular supply etc.)
Surgical modification of the residual limb.
A procedure to correct an apparent error or omission or improper or inconsistent action of a court-martial with respect to a finding or a sentence.
The task concerned with checking a target text against the source text for accuracy, by focusing on errors, omissions, additions, names and titles, figures and tables, etc.
PCBexpress does not revise customer files. Each order is manufactured as a new design. Back to the top
asking the CSA to look at a decision again to see if it has been made correctly. The new decision can take effect from the date of the original decision.
a change in the information (The original text is immediately followed by the new information) and an addendum refers to new information
In taxonomic literature, a morphological re-appraisal of a group of taxa for the purpose of redefining known species and often describing additional ones.
a procedure that adjusts or in any way modifies or removes part of the original implant configuration, with or without replacement of a component
A surgery to reposition, replace or remove your implant.
A second surgery at the same site to repair or revise the outcome of the initial surgery
a rewritten story, done to improve it
A re-written or improved story, often with additional quotes or facts.
A modified and resubmitted request for funding for a project that was previously not funded either because it was denied by the sponsor or withdrawn by the principal investigator. topˆ
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See Firmware.
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a second copy or related document uploaded with an original document in Kavi Groups
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A revisionary procedure of a previous gastric procedure.
The term revision refers to the task of re viewing information contained in books and notes in order to prepare for an upcoming exam. There are numerous techniques that can be used during the period of revision; these are discussed in the exam preparation section.
an edit of the suggested design based on your feedback and/or instructions
The number of times and estimate was edited on a job ticket. All new estimates has a "0" revision number, which prints on the Estimate as original. Once the user has started the first revision, Clients & Profits will count the number of times the estimate is revised. When you print out revised Estimates, the current revision number prints too.
The process of inserting the enactments of a session into existing statute law.
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a node number and a property list
The revision number assigned to the revision.
An entry describing a single revision in the history of the revisions to a document
That which is made by revising.