Definitions for "Revise"
To look at again for the detection of errors; to reëxamine; to review; to look over with care for correction; as, to revise a writing; to revise a translation.
To compare (a proof) with a previous proof of the same matter, and mark again such errors as have not been corrected in the type.
A second proof sheet; a proof sheet taken after the first or a subsequent correction.
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make revisions in; "revise a thesis"
To change a piece of writing in order to improve it in style or content. Distinct from editing, revising often involves restructuring a piece rather than simply editing for word choice, grammar, or spelling. See Edit
A button in certain tools ( Schedule, Drop Box, Assignments, Resources, and Announcements) that enables edits to postings that site authors have previously made. The Revise button is found in the main frame, underneath the tool header.
The part of the writing process that refers to going back to the piece to recreate the writing to enhance the domains of focus, content, organization and style.
the act of rewriting something
Literally to "re-see"; to rewrite, perhaps making extensive changes. When a new edition of a book comes out, the author revises the first edition.
Bindery Unit and End Processing Unit quality control procedures. For the Bindery, the procedures include checking for commercial bindery defects, comparing title and variable information, matching up bookplates, and property stamping the items. For the End Processing Unit, the procedures include checking the title and call number, the circulating status, and security strips. Bindery, EPU
revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving; "We must retool the town's economy"
To reconsider and change or modify
To change the original materials as previously printed.
To review, alter, and amend; as, to revise statutes; to revise an agreement; to revise a dictionary.
A review; a revision.