Definitions for "Reversed"
Turned side for side, or end for end; changed to the contrary;
Annulled and the contrary substituted; as, a reversed judgment or decree.
to void a decision by a lower court.
turned inside out and resewn; "the reversed collar looked as good as new"
turned about in order or relation; "transposed letters"
the process of turning around or going into the opposite direction has transpired
sinistrorse or sinistral; as, a reversed, or sinistral, spiral or shell.
Same as Ill-dignified, above. The card is dealt facing upside-down from the reader's perspective.
Keywords:  levers, backwards, route, frame, pulled
The position of signal or points levers when they are pulled backwards in the frame. The reversed position indicates that the signal is off or that the points are set for the less commonly used route. See also: Normal.