Definitions for "Reusability"
A software development practice for creating applications that apply generically to a wide set of problems. You create reusable code by encapsulating knowledge, modularizing your application, creating generic rules, creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and creating application programmer's interfaces (APIs). See also scalability.
Reusability refers to the ability to reuse a product (commonly a software product) in another project as anon-developmental item.
The degree to which programs. modules, or subroutines have been designed and implemented for multi function use. The easier it is to take the same code and employ it in a number of applications, the higher that code's degree of reusability.
(voir Réutilisabilité) Capacity of a component to function and integrate within more than one environment.
The extent to which, and the ease with which, a developer can use parts of a system in other systems without adversely affecting the internal or external quality characteristics of the target system or the reused elements.