Definitions for "Reunion"
a fantastic opportunity to reunite with your peers
a great idea
a great opportunity to rekindle friendships, relive shared experiences, and build business relationships
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a brilliant way to catch up with old friends (and make new ones), reminisce about your time at UEA and see how everyone has changed over the years
a great time to get in touch with an old friend and form a table
an excellent way to make contact with friends or to celebrate a special occasion such as the tenth anniversary of your graduation
A term used to describe the point in time when a birth parent and an adoptee are re-acquainted with one another after not having had contact due to a closed/traditional adoption.
The facilitation of contact between an adoptee and his/her biological family through the search process.
A meeting between an adopted person and birth parents or other birth relatives.
a party of former associates who have come together again
the act of coming together again; "monetary unification precipitated the reunification of the German state in October 1990"
a time to come together once again, touch each other's lives, and Renew the Relationships for Tomorrow
a celebration of life and memories
a mixture of memory and expectation, a conversation with our past, present and future selves
a time to celebrate the common bonds that we as Yalies had," Dunham said
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a nice, gentle acoustic piece, with Kerry Minnear singing, complete with violins, making it sound like a string quartet
a short respite based on strings and vocals before we get to the excellent, extended title track, one of GG's all-time best and a personal favorite
An assembling of persons who have been separated, as of a family, or the members of a disbanded regiment; an assembly so composed.
a lot like Christmas
a lot of work and stress on the hosting family, so don't be afraid to assign out different responsibilities
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A second union; union formed anew after separation, secession, or discord; as, a reunion of parts or particles of matter; a reunion of parties or sects.
a gathering of the members of a group who have been separated
Real world users gathering
an organized gathering of people descended from a common ancestor, bearing the same surname, or bound together by some common tie.
a party," Angelica said
a party for people who attended the same school, often years or decades before
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Your ambitions will be helped along if you dream of a reunion.
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a time for looking back over the years since we were at Carleton
an event, but the relationship is a process that needs time to unfold
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a formal recognition of those of our ranks who have passed on