Definitions for "Reuben"
Keywords:  sauerkraut, beef, swiss, corned, crispy
a hot sandwich with corned beef and Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread
a classic--corned beef and Swiss with sauerkraut and Russian dressing, grilled to crispy perfection
Keywords:  jacob, tribe, son, tiberian, testment
(Old Testment) a son of Jacob and forefather of one of the tribes of Israel
Reuben or Re'uven (Hebrew: רְאוּבֵן, Standard Tiberian ; "see" + "a son") is the first-born son of Jacob and the founder of the Tribe of Reuben, as related in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible.
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Reuben (also known as Experiment 625) is a character from Lilo & Stitch: The Series. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.