Definitions for "Returns"
The quantity of unsold product from a retailer or other outlet that is returned to the distributor.
Magazines that are distributed for sale on the newsstands but remain unsold (see “Sell-through rate”)
The papers that are unsold from a single copy rack or newsstand.
The ends of a curtain rod that turn back toward the wall or mounting location. Curtain rods with returns are used with post brackets when there is no room / desire for finials, or when the mounting conditions require it. (Shown is curtain rod with return and post bracket.)
The part of the drapery that covers the ends of the rods and the projection from the wall (3 1/2") is the standard for single and (5 3/4" - 6 1/2") for double draperies.
The conditioned air is distributed throughout the home using a system of rigid and flexible duct, collectively referred to as ductwork. Ductwork is a circulatory system that uses supplies to feed air into a room and returns to complete the circuit back to the air handler. Adequate and properly placed returns will keep closed rooms from becoming pressurized which limit the entrance of supply air into the room.
an investment return is how much you get back from an investment compared with the amount you invested. You never know how much that will be. For example, the returns on a share in a company may be very high or may amount to not much at all. If you're lucky, the returns on investing time into a relationship are a happy relationship for years to come.
The dividend and capital appreciation accruing to the investor on the investment held by him.
Yields or Profits made in a financial transaction
Short for the term Echo Return or Auxiliary Return (the input of the console which brings back the effects signal from the echo chamber or other reverberation effects device).
Metal in the form of gates, sprues, risers or defective castings which are put back into the melting cycle. See Casting, Gate, Riser, Sprue.
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Any goods sent back to the client by the customer (the customer's suppliers).
Reductions to gross sales that occur when customers are given credit for sold goods that are returned to the firm.
Product that has not sold or is damaged and sent back to supplier
the number of units, the dollar amount or the percentage of total sales that are returned to the direct marketer for a refund.
Products for which a customer wants a refund because the products either fail to meet his needs or fail to perform.
The products that are returned to the advertiser from a DRTV campaign.
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any ACH entry which cannot be processed
Any entry that cannot be processed by the receiver or network and is returned to the sender.
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See Reverse Logistics.
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We do our best to make sure each item is shipped exactly as it is ordered. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have a concern with your order.
An authorization by the warehouse to return merchandise on a certain date indicated.
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The level of returns you get is the amount you get back from a successful bet. This includes both your winnings and your stake. For example, a £10 bet at 2-1 will give you £20 winnings. With your £10 stake as well this means you have £30 returns.
The drilling fluid, cuttings, etc. which circulate up the hole to the surface.
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the point at which water "returns" to the pool after having traveled through the filter.
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Indicate the total percentage gain of a fund over that time period.
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Goods returned to their place of acceptance.
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Responses to a direct mail program.