Definitions for "Retractable"
A feature which can beincluded in a new debt or preferred issue, granting the holder the option under specified conditions to redeem the security on a stated date-prior to maturity in the case of a bond.
(Encaissable par anticipation) Feature of a fixed-income security (bond or preferred share) by which a holder can demand redemption prior to maturity, at a date and under conditions that have been predetermined.
A feature of some debt securities or preferred shares which gives the holder the right, under specified conditions, to redeem the security on a stated date at a stipulated price.
Capable of being retracted; retractile.
capable of being hidden, as in parts of an animal's body.
capable of being retracted; "retractable landing gear"
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a car having a mechanically retractable hardtop such as the late '50's Ford Skyliner. Photo
Ability to revert to a contracted state.
The ability to draw back to an original form once tension is relieved.