Definitions for "Retort"
To return, as an argument, accusation, censure, or incivility; as, to retort the charge of vanity.
To return an argument or a charge; to make a severe reply.
The return of, or reply to, an argument, charge, censure, incivility, taunt, or witticism; a quick and witty or severe response.
Keywords:  distilled, beak, bent, neck, decomposed
A vessel in which substances are subjected to distillation or decomposition by heat. It is made of different forms and materials for different uses, as a bulb of glass with a curved beak to enter a receiver for general chemical operations, or a cylinder or semicylinder of cast iron for the manufacture of gas in gas works.
The central trough into which coal is fed in certain types of boilers.
a vessel where substances are distilled or decomposed by heat
Used to separate or vaporize off mercury from gold.
A high-temperature furnace used in refining gold. Amalgam is super-heated so the mercury is vaporized and saved, and the gold is formed into bars.
An apparatus used to separate an amalgam of gold and mercury, through heating, which saves the mercury for future use.
Any counterattack launched by the shield in the war of the coast, but more specifically applied to the mangonels, trebuchets, and other catapult-type contraptions they've developed to hurl projectiles.
an advanced kiln adapted for the extraction of charcoal by-products. These replaced small portable kilns but were made redundant by the competition from oil by-products.
Keywords:  reverberate, bend, throw, back, answer
To bend or curve back; as, a retorted line.
To throw back; to reverberate; to reflect.
answer back