Definitions for "retirement"
The act of retiring, or the state of being retired; withdrawal; seclusion; as, the retirement of an officer.
A place of seclusion or privacy; a place to which one withdraws or retreats; a private abode.
The day you elect to begin withdrawing money from retirement savings to fund living expenses.
The period of a persons life during which he/she is no longer working, or the commencement of that period.
The period after a person has withdrawn from active working life, often beginning at age 65#although retirement may commence earlier or later in life.
This is the third of the four stages of human life; it is followed by that of sannyasin. During this time, a person contemplates their life and attempts to formulate an understanding of "what it's all about."
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When one's car stops in a race. Also what drivers go into at the end of their careers.
When a driver is unable to finish the race and has to drop out. This can be due to mechanical failure or an accident.
When a car has to drop out of the race because of an accident or mechanical failure.
The repayment of debt obligations.
Removal from circulation of stock or bonds that have been reacquired or redeemed.
(1) End of employment. (2) Repayment of debt obligation.
a retrograde movement in which a force seeks to regain freedom of action, the movement being part of a well-defined plan which has for its purpose the refusal of decisive combat under the existing situation
fencing of land to exclude grazing by stock. It may entail rank grass and weed, or reversion to indigenous scrub, or plantation of timber trees on the land that is no longer grazed.
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The receipt of retirement benefits after the member has made an application and has fulfilled all requirements for a retirement benefit.
Separation from City service which is not caused by resignation, layoff or discharge, with application for retirement benefits approved by the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) for an employee who (a) is 60 years of age or older at the time of separation with at least 5 years of service under the PERS, or (b) is at least 55 years of age at the time of separation with at least 25 years of service under the PERS, or (c) regardless of age at the time of separation, has at least 30 years of service under the PERS, or (d) has approved disability retirement benefits by the PERS.
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Retirement Protection Act of 1994 Retracement
To pay or settle an outstanding bill or import loan. Example: payment to the bank by the importer.
The act of paying or settling an outstanding bill or import loan; i.e. payment by the importer to the bank.
The transfer of records to agency storage facilities or a Federal records center. See also ACCESSION (2), DISPOSITION (1), TRANSFER (1).
The transfer of records to lab storage facilites, or to a Federal Records Center.
the activity consisting of the cohesive collection of all tasks that are primarily performed to remove (i.e., retire) something from service.
Occurs when an individual match has started and a player is unable to continue due to injury, loss of condition or emergency.
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a very special day in a lifetime
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Firing older people.
a major investment of money and resources for any person or couple
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(see "Date of Retirement")