Definitions for "Results"
The initial impact of an intervention (e.g. an improvement in the employability of the long-term unemployed through a rise in their skill level). See also impact, intervention, intervention logic, outcomes, outputs, specific objectives
The “products” of the Activities undertaken, the combination of which achieve the Purpose of the project/ programme, namely a start of enjoyment of sustainable benefits for the target groups.
The conditions of well-being for families and children to be achieved through local decision-making bodies called county collaboratives. The five result areas are: Healthy Children School Readiness School Success Stable Families Self-sufficient Families
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Results is the 1989 Liza Minnelli album produced by Pet Shop Boys.
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The third section of an IMRAD paper. Its purpose is to present the new information gained in the study being reported.
a report of Rasch measures and fit statistics.
After bids are submitted, we attempt to ascertain to what extent we have been the successful bidder. This information, known as "results" of bids, is valuable in our appraisal of the market and flow of scrap.
a list of violated elements for each contingency examined
a tabular list of elements with limit violations
a well-known problem that hampers decisions over whether to perform a prostate biopsy
an energy Time frequency representation (TFR) of the signal
The image or images matching your search criteria. Results appear as thumbnails that can be clicked to display the full image and its associated metadata.
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This feature shows how each player did from week to week making their picks. This is an option in the User Control Panel where players can go back to view preview weeks results.
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the end points of a set of scenarios.
The purpose of a simulation is to produce data. Each Object in SIMUL8 collects results about itself. Results can be added to a Summary page by Right Clicking over the desired item.
Analysis of the data collected during a trial.
focus of an organization's case for support; most prospective investors could care less about an organization's campaign goal, but are interested in how their investment will make a difference
Activities accomplished in a response 46
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Responses to a survey.
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The list of Web pages and documents that match the keywords typed by a user.
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the profit (or loss) made by a company.