Definitions for "Resubmit "
Resubmit is a script used to correct faulty entries in FreeDB. It is intended for use with Konqueror while browsing, but it also works on the command line. With one click, a new message will be prepared, ready for resubmission. All words will have first character uppercase, and some standardization is enforced according to the naming rules of
Document identified on the Agent Sales Summary as needing correction and return to ARC. Obsolete with IAR.
The refiling of a previously filed application with additional or corrected information when it has been returned by the Commission. (See Return.) A resubmittal is a type of amendment to the application.
Encp has functionality to retry and resubmit requests, where we distinguish between these two terms. Encp will resubmit a request if it has been waiting for a mover for over 15 minutes, but not due to an error condition. See retry.
To resubmit a case is the process of renewing offers/demands on a Cybersettle case that is unavailable for opposition response and has not previously settled. In this context
submit (information) again to a program or automatic system
To submit materials for a current job over again. You may be asked to resubmit, if you have missing or incorrect files.