Definitions for "Resting"
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Heat drives meat's juices from the surface when it cooks. Letting meat "rest" before slicing lets these juices seep back towards the surface (liquids always take the path of least resistance). The result is a more flavorful piece of meat.
Allowing cooked meat to rest after it has cooked to keep the meat from losing juices during carving.
Meat juices are driven from the surface as it cooks. Allowing meat to "rest" before slicing lets the juices return to the surface, resulting in more flavorful meat.
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remaining due, owing.
often done in a retreat; spiders either nocturnal (resting during the day, active at night) or diurnal (resting during the night, active at day); often when we see a spider in what we assume is the resting position, spiders are actually hunting (ie: remaining motionless at center of hub; in retreat but hanging on to signal thread; motionless on the surface of the water)
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In biology, refers to a cell that is not dividing.
a. & n. from Rest, v. t. & i.