Definitions for "Restaurants"
A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions a kind of eating establishment or business that offers a meal (i.e., restaurants, fountains, coffee shops, drive-ins, snack bars, donut shops, tea rooms, inns, cafes, cafeterias, diners, delicatessens, automats, lunches, lunchrooms, confectioneries, bar-b-ques, grills, etc.). This is probably the largest single category in the hobby and an excellent category for the beginner due to the ease in which these matchcovers may be obtained. Suggested collecting method is alphabetically within cities, within states. Also, they may be categorized according to the sub-category as mentioned above.
A. Restaurant means a single retail business operation where the preparation and serving of food and beverages is designed primarily for consumption by customers seated within the establishment. B. Carry out or delivery restaurant means a single retail business operation where the food and beverage products purchased by the consumer are packaged in such a manner as to enable the customer to remove them for consumption off the premises. Such an operation does not have a drive-in window or facilities within the premises for customers to sit or stand while consuming the food purchased. C. Drive-in restaurant refers to a restaurant which maintains a drive-in window designed to enable customers to drive up to it and order food and beverages while in their automobile. Food and beverage items are served directly to the customers in the vehicle and taken elsewhere for consumption.