Definitions for "Restaurant"
fluency language fluency allowing you to order food in a restaurant and ask for basic directions, but not enough to talk politics, business, meaning of life. Example: I speak restaurant Spanish.
a blend of Andean cuisine and architecture with a contemporary approach to create an innovative culinary concept
a commercial establishment committed to the sale of food and beverage
Keywords:  chef, maitre, waiter, wee, cashier
a place where we consume flats(dishes) prepared by a chef
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
a wonderful industry and learning more about it can be very fruitful
a fantasy, a kind of living theater in which diners are the most important members of the cast," he once said
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
a living, breathing, changing thing
Has a fountain with mermaids. Possibly the low-fat, low-cholesterol restaurant Patty mentioned in " Father Figures." If so, Graham will fix all that.
a business, a commercial venture
a business, and regular missteps like that can derail the bottom line, swiftly bring it down
Keywords:  friendly, pandesia, lot, road, staff
a friendly, neutral environment
a lot of hard work
a must, with lots of friendly staff, as is the PANDESIA over the road
Keywords:  disappointment, huge
a huge disappointment
Keywords:  i've, bananas, ran, nice, happy
a nice amenity, though, and on occasion I've been happy it was there because I ran out of bananas at home and can't work out on an empty stomach
Keywords:  accomodation, public
a public accomodation
Keywords:  microcosm, family, good
a good microcosm for family
Keywords:  duck, sitting
a sitting duck for any
Keywords:  tiffani, effort, team, player, group
a group effort and TIffani is not a team player
Keywords:  deadlines, contacted, cut, sources, off
a system that has deadlines and cut-off times for when other sources must be contacted
a frequent destination for most people, blind or sighted
Keywords:  eat, building, people, house
An eating house.
a building where people go to eat
a good place to do some of this
a great place to start
a private place
Keywords:  remember, spell, middle, words, two
"Ey, you! Remember, these two words when you spell "restaurant." They are in the middle of it.
Keywords:  permitting, right, requires
a by-right use that requires no permitting