Definitions for "Restart"
Keywords:  reboot, reset, reloads, boot, launch
To launch a money chain letter or pyramid scheme which is a copy of one received, except that the names in the list are replaced by new names, usually the names of the originator, co-conspirators and aliases.
Command executed after installation of new software, or if the screen is "frozen" (unresponsive to mouse or keyboard commands). Kinder to your hardware than turning the power off and then on.
When a unit or device initializes itself due to power failure, error conditions, or commanded by a computer. There are generally two types of Restarts, 1) Cold Start and 2) Warm Start. Warm start occurs when conditions are such that only resetting some of the unit's parameters and logic is necessary, where Cold start occurs when everything must be "restarted" in order to maintain operating order.
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The kick restarting play after a half or after points are scored.
A general description for a free kick, corner kick, throw-in, goal kick or kickoff. Save: The goalkeeper stopping a scoring opportunity by either catching the ball or knocking it away from the goal.
A term that includes all methods of recommencing play after it has been stopped. These are the drop ball, the free kick and the throw-in.
The act of restoring system operation after an outage, such as a power failure. Restarts occur from the most recent checkpoint. See "Persistent virtual memory."
take up or begin anew; "We resumed the negotiations"
to cause a computer program to resume execution after a failure, using status and results recorded at a checkpoint [ IEEE 90].
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The waving of the green flag following a caution period.
The resumption of a race after a caution or red flag period.
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neu starten
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Restart is an album by Nnadia Chan, released by Universal Music Hong Kong (環球唱片) on August 15, 2003.
a system utility for advanced users with more than one operating system installed on their machine
The equivalent of turning the machine off and on again. For most Macs, the combination -option-power key restarts the machine, though on other Macs a "programmer's switch" lurks unobtrusively at the back. Restarting a Mac means that anything not saved to hard drive or floppy is erased--save early and often.
Keywords:  rst, debugger, interrupt, eight, byte
One-byte call instruction usually used during interrupt sequences and for debugger break pointing. There are eight restart locations, RST 0 through RST 7, whose addresses are given by the product of 8 times the restart number.
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a good time to use feed rate override and the pause key on your keyboard
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a message that confirms the status of the ports on a PRI span
A work order that restores services to disconnected for voluntary (seasonal) or involuntary (non-pay) reasons. $25.00 Restart Fee will be assessed to the account each time this work order is generated on an account.
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A process to recycle the credit period of a freight bill.
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a good idea, in order to get the new icons to show up
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an object of type restart.