Definitions for "Responses"
Once a device with which to frighten small children and Deans. Now a standard part of the Cantores Vagantes' repertoire. (Note; it still frightens some Deans. The others let us sing the final "Thanks be to God") see PRECENTOR, DREW , and TASTE (BAD).
The response categories and percentages of the sample answering each way. Generally, the percentages shown are weighted if the data were weighted better to reflect the population. Any special question-related information clarifying such things as multiple responses, partial responses, and the like will appear after the responses. These notes relate only to specific questions as opposed to the entire study and are referred to as question-level notes.
Possible answers to a multiple-choice test item. The correct response is often called the keyed response, and incorrect responses are called distractors.
The output(s) of a process. Sometimes called dependent variable(s).