Definitions for "Respondent"
Disposed or expected to respond; answering; according; corresponding.
One who responds. It corresponds in general to defendant.
One who answers in certain suits or proceedings, generally those which are not according to the course of the common law, as in equity and admiralty causes, in petitions for partition, and the like; -- distinquished from appellant.
The "Respondent" is the employer who is accused of discrimination by the "Complainant" or "charging party" (employee).
The spouse who responds (or should respond) to a divorce action filed by the other spouse. RESTRAINING ORDERS This is a general term for all of those orders that stop ("restrain") one spouse from doing something. For example there can be restraining orders that stop one spouse from hitting the other spouse, stop a spouse from selling the motor home, stop a spouse from taking the children to Canada, etc.
A member who has been notified that action has been initiated to separate the member.
One who maintains a thesis in reply, and whose province it is to refute objections, or overthrow arguments; -- distinguished from opponent.
Person who responds to questions in a survey; a person interviewed. If an experiment was being done instead of a survey, the person would be called a Subject. In a group discussion, they'd be called a Participant.
the person(s) or group being charged
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See appellee.
a behavior that is elicited or induced by a stimulus coming from an outside source (such as a dog trainer)
a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation who submits a Quote
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The Respondent is the assessor of the county where the property was assessed. In the City of St. Louis, the Respondent is the assessor of the City of St. Louis.
an attorney charged with misconduct or under investigation by the Administrator
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Employer or its workers' compensation insurance carrier in a workers' compensation case. X Y Z
Respondent(s) in a native title or related case before the Federal Court of Australia.
A person who is responding to an application to the court. See definition for applicant.
A financial institution that sends ACH entries to a correspondent bank for collection.
A member of the population defined on the sampling frame as one entity and consisting of either a single establishment or a group of establishments.
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Those taking part in the research.
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someone who responds
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an individual from which data is collected