Definitions for "RESPOND"
Keywords:  pillar, pier, arch, arcade, aginst
A half pier or pillar attached to a wall to support an arch.
Half pillar or half pier attached to the wall to support an arch. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 414)
A half pillar attached to and projecting from a wall, used to carry one end of an arch
To make answer, or disclose otherwise a consciousness of having inspired an interest in what Herbert Spencer calls "external coexistences," as Satan "squat like a toad" at the ear of Eve, responded to the touch of the angel's spear. To respond in damages is to contribute to the maintenance of the plaintiff's attorney and, incidentally, to the gratification of the plaintiff.
To say somethin in return; to answer; to reply; as, to respond to a question or an argument.
To render satisfaction; to be answerable; as, the defendant is held to respond in damages.
Keywords:  udd, sirens, incident, attend, lights
Attend an incident under lights and sirens (UDD)
A short anthem sung at intervals during the reading of a chapter.
Keywords:  exforma, xml, add, module, active
an add-on module to the eXFORMA XML Active
Keywords:  suit, correspond, accord, force, return
To show some effect in return to a force; to act in response; to accord; to correspond; to suit.
To suit or accord with; to correspond to.
respond favorably or as hoped; "The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy"
Keywords:  bid, partner, opening
make a bid after an opening bid by partner.
Keywords:  reaction, something, response
show a response or a reaction to something