Definitions for "Resorption"
The redissolving wholly or in part, in the molten magma of an igneous rock, of crystals previously formed. The dissolved material may again solidify, giving rise to a mass of small crystals, usually of a different kind.
loss of bone through increased breakdown via osteoclasts or other mechanism causing a reduction in bone mass
Physiologic or pathologic removal of hard tissue (bone or root) by the activity of osteoclasts. Syn; osteoclasis.
The act of resorbing; also, the act of absorbing again; reabsorption.
A process in which a substance, such as tissue, is lost by being destroyed and then absorbed by the body.
Process in which a mineral is re-absorbed into the surrounding magma due to disequilibrium (perhaps caused by a change in pressure, temperature, or chemical composition of the magma).
The gradual reduction in volume and size of the alveolar portion of the mandible or maxilla.
the change in the physical structure of a crystal from the diamond form to a graphite form of carbon