Definitions for "Resonator"
an independent part found in some exhaust systems that works with the muffler to reduce noise
A small auxiliary muffler found on some vehicles that further reduces the noise of the escaping exhaust gases.
A small auxiliary muffler that assists the main muffler in reducing exhaust noise.
Any of various apparatus for exhibiting or utilizing the effects of resonance in connection with open circuits, as a device having an oscillating circuit which includes a helix of bare copper wire, a variable number of coils of which can be connected in circuit with a condenser and spark gap excited with an induction coil. It is used to create high-frequency electric brush discharges.
The antenna system and other high-frequency circuits of a receiving apparatus.
Acoustic chamber, generally of fixed volume, with a specific resonant frequency. Applications include induction and exhaust systems.
Anything which resounds; specifically, a vessel in the form of a cylinder open at one end, or a hollow ball of brass with two apertures, so contrived as to greatly intensify a musical tone by its resonance. It is used for the study and analysis of complex sounds.
Anything that resounds or resonates;
An open box for containing a sounder and designed to concentrate and amplify the sound.
The enclosed "back" of a banjo. The diaphragm of a resophonic guitar.
The mirrors (or reflectors) making up the laser cavity including the laser rod or tube. The mirrors reflect light back and forth to build up amplification.
a low-cost, less accurate substitute for a quartz crystal
A resonator is a device or system that exhibits resonance or resonant behavior. Many objects that use resonant effects are referred to simply as resonators. Examples of resonators are discussed in this article.
A body that is capable of being set into resonance by the application of a periodic force.
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