Definitions for "Resolution"
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The act, operation, or process of resolving.
The state of being resolved, settled, or determined; firmness; steadiness; constancy; determination.
The state of being resolved or firm in opinion or thought; conviction; assurance.
That which is resolved or determined; a settled purpose; determination. Specifically: A formal expression of the opinion or will of an official body or a public assembly, adopted by vote; as, a legislative resolution; the resolutions of a public meeting.
A simple resolution, designated House Resolution (H.Res.) or Senate Resolution (S.Res.), deals with matters entirely within the prerogatives of one house or the other. It requires neither passage by the other chamber nor approval by the President, does not have the force of law and is commonly used for internal business of one house or for expressing views of a chamber.
A formal determination by an organized meeting.
The passing of a dissonant into a consonant chord by the rising or falling of the note which makes the discord.
A move from a dissonance to a consonance.
4,5,6 The point in a literary work at which the chief dramatic complication is resolved.
An official document representing an action on the part of the board of directors of a corporation.
A document that records a decision or action by a board of directors, or a bond resolution by a government entity authorizing a bond issue.
A Board resolution is a decision taken by the directors of a company. An Ordinary resolution is a decision passed by a simple majority of shareholders of a company. A Special resolution is a decision passed by a 75 per cent majority of the shareholders of a company.
The proof method of Prolog.
A rule of inference, that is used to prove theorems in a purely mechanical way from axioms. It is designed to work with formulae in clausal form.
A popular technique used in automated theorem proving systems. A version of resolution underlies the logic programming language Prolog.
The act of separating a compound into its elements or component parts.
Separation of a pair of recombining double-stranded DNA molecules.
A process by which a racemic mixture is separated into its two pure enantiomers.
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Resolution is the tenth studio album by southern rock band .38 Special, released in 1997. It was their album since their ninth album Bone Against Steel in 1991 before reforming in 1996.
"Resolution" is a song included in Nick Lachey's sophomore solo album What's Left of Me, which was released in 2006. It is the third single from the album. An EP of the single, including a far-superior sounding mix titled "full band version", was released exclusively on the i Tunes Store.
Resolution is a 2006 album by instrumental rock solo artist Andy Timmons.
The last act or scene of a story, in which all dramatic elements are tied up to a satisfying conclusion.
content = ''; content+='the conclusion of a story, novel, or play '; document.write(content);
See Conflict Resolution
The minimum size of a feature which can be reliably distinguished by a remote sensing system.
A measure of how well an IR spectrometer can distinguish spectral features that are close together. For instance, if two features are 4 cm apart and can be discerned easily, the spectrum is said to be at least 4 cm resolution. Resolution in an FT-IR is mainly determined by the optical path difference.
In a bar code system, the narrowest element dimension that can be distinguished by a particular reading device or printed with a particular device or method.
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the solving of the main complication of the plot. Note: the resolution "fixes the problem" of the story.
the final phase of the falling action in plot when things are returned to normal
Also called denouement, the portion of a play or story where the problem is solved. The resolution comes after the climax and falling action and is intended to bring the story to a satisfactory end.
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The resolvability of features for a given map scale. Scale effects resolution. In a larger scale map, the resolution of features more closely matches real-world features because the extent of reduction from ground to map is less. Map resolution may refer to a "minimum mapping unit" or the accuracy at which a given map scale can depict the location and shape of map features. ESRI, 1994; Lund 1995
One meaning of the term 'resolution is the process of separating something into its constituent parts. The term is used in this project to refer to the scale of maps and field search units, and to the balance of cost and detail (i.e., the identification of constituent parts) that accompanies maps and units of different scale. For instance, as the scale of a map or the size of a surveyed land parcel becomes larger, finer-scale environmental detail becomes lost. As a result, the gross environmental associations that can be measured may obscure finer-scale " environmental/archaeological resource present" associations. The use of maps and units of high resolution are often precluded, however, by cost and the absence of maps at that level of resolution. High resolution models are necessary when the goal is to predict the precise locations of archaeological resources.
The degree of accuracy to which a controller can be set to or the degree of accuracy of an output function as in a digital readout of a specific output.
in astronomy, the ability of a telescope to differentiate between two objects in the sky which are seperated by a small angular distance. The closer to two objects can be while still allowing the telescope to see them as two distinct objects, the higher the resolution of the telescope. (See also text in differs, resolution HighPlanDish, and SpacRes.)
Way of detecting variation.
The ability to discriminate or identify two objects that are close together.
The statement that provides the parameters of the debate. It indicates what the affirmative is suppose to prove and what agent it is allowed to use. The affirmative is bound to operate within the context of the resolution. If the affirmative operates outside the resolution they are said to be not topical.
In policy debate, a resolution or topic is a normative statement which the affirmative team affirms and the negative team negates. Resolutions are selected annually by affiliated schools.
Statement of the House or Senate or both branches together on a particulartopic or event of concern to them. The titles of resolutions are foundin the Journals. (See also Journals)
Statement of the House or Senate or both branches together on a particular topic or event of concern to them. The titles of resolutions are found in the Journals.
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Resolution is the metrical phenomenon in classical poetry of replacing a longum with two brevia. It is generally found in Greek lyric poetry and in Greek and Roman drama, most frequently in comedy.
The act of analyzing a complex notion, or solving a vexed question or difficult problem.
The act or process of solving; solution; as, the resolution of an equation or problem.
an official document that specifies which actions corporate officers can take
Resolution Funding Corporation (RefCorp) Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)
An official document executed under seal by a corporation, certifying that specified officers can open a bank account for the corporation and conduct business with the bank on its behalf.
The state of being relaxed; relaxation.
The last stage of the sexual response cycle, this is the period following orgasm, during which body muscles relax and the body begins to return to its preexcitement state.
The step where a system takes a user-edited file and heuristically determines what editing the user implicitly did. Not always 1 distinct step nor done at commit time. See Resolution.
A binary converter is said to have a resolution of n-bits when it is able to relate 2n distinct analog values to the set of n-bit binary words.
the magnitude of output step changes as the pressure is continuously varied over the range. This term applies primarily to potentiometric sensors. Resolution is best specified as average and maximum resolution. Usually expressed in percent of full scale output.
the least amount of change in mechanical input that makes a change in the output signal
The disposition of a disagreement or grievance through alternative dispute resolution methods.
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When your body returns to an unexcited state.
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an item brought by a delegate (or delegates) to a convention for action
This is an item whose wording indicates that specific action should be taken - for example an item that 'urges Council' to take action on an issue.
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A page devoted to resolution.
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results listing reverse DNS lookup
(1) Another term for indenture. See: Indenture (2) See: Corporate Resolution.
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See precision
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See " angular resolution."
The occurrence of a correction or solution to a problem.
Agreeing with a customer on a solution to their problem.
Agreement by the members of an EU institution about a policy issue. It need not have direct implications for EU law.
The substituting of two short syllables () for one long (). The opposite of contraction.
The breaking of an emulsion into its individual components.
A breaking up, disappearance; or termination, as of a fever, a tumor, or the like.
Resolution is an agreement reached between the parties. If an agreement is reached, it will be documented in writing by the mediator (with partiesÕ assistance) and signed by the parties participating in the mediation. The parties will decide who receives copies of the agreement other than those participating.
The lowest exact positioning movement attainable from a system.
Resolution is a program that enables you to change the desktop resolution on a system where you don't have permissions to change the desktop resolution.
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The final stage of the sexual response cycle, which occurs after orgasm. During this stage, the body returns to the stage that it was in prior to excitement.
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See Closed Ticket.
The amount of rotation or linear motion produced when a motor executes a single step.
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Router Back
A method of describing how precise a physically determined 3-dimensional structure is.
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The minimum step size the stage can move. It is usually defined by the position noise.
See Frame size[ Back to the Top
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A solution or fix for a computer error or fault.
A proposal that makes a request, affects the operations of one house, including amending its rules, that requires no action by the 2nd house.
Generally (but loosely) defined as the width of the "point spread function".
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What does resolution mean
In mathematics, a resolution may mean
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See Density.
The conversion of an internet address or domain name into the corresponding physical location.
The conversion of a message-class name into a class identifier to locate the code that handles the message class.
According to some authors, one of the four stages of sexual arousal.
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The period after orgasm where the body returns its natural state of rest.
A motion made by board indicating some form of order of business.
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The process by which a domain name points to the numeric address of the physical connection.
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(see bill, resolution)
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See "definition."