Definitions for "resiliency"
The act of springing back, rebounding, or resiling; as, the resilience of a ball or of sound.
The power or inherent property of returning to the form from which a substance is bent, stretched, compressed, or twisted; elasticity[1]; springiness; -- of objects and substances.
The power or ability to recover quickly from a setback, depression, illness, overwork or other adversity; buoyancy; elasticity[2]; -- of people.
increased probability of school and life success despite adversities caused by early characteristics, conditions, and experiences.
This is the ability to adapt to changes and to approach difficult problems and situations in a positive way. Resilient youth possess a set of qualities that foster a successful process of adaptation and transformation, despite risk and adversity.
Your business is "Impact Tolerant" and you are able to effectively maintain "Business Continuity" if any impact does occur.
The inclination to resist the negative impact of risk factors in a person's life through the positive impact of protective factors” ( Levinthal, 351). Risk Factors: Unlike protective factors, risk factors "increase the likelihood of involvement with drugs" ( Levinthal, 15).
Resistance Resistance level
A test to determine the shock absorption properties of a foam. On this test, a material is placed flat on an instrument and a weight is dropped onto it from a specified height. The amount of bounce is then taken from a scale to get the final value. The lower the value, the higher the shock absorption properties of the foam.
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Speed with which new orders respond to a change in prices.