Definitions for "Residential"
A domestic building or where people reside Woonhuis
Land used for human dwellings and activities.
Land use that is primarily for houses, townhouses, apartments or other dwelling types.
suitable for or occupied by private houses
Description relating to private homes
Indicates that a postcode has predominantly private residences within it.
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Having to do with where people live.
A housing area where people live.
We distinguish between floors installed for residential and commercial use, especially for the warranty. A location is considered commercial if it is open to the public or is a place of work. A residential location is one where people live. In residential locations, floors wear more slowly. Mirage offers two residential-use floor collections-Mirage Classic and Mirage Engineered.
an area populated mainly by homes instead of businesses Minnehaha: The Big Cover-Up
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See custodial/non-custodial parent.
of or relating to or connected with residence; "a residential requirement for the doctorate"
Service to customers under the Residential Distribution Service Rate Schedule RD-1.
Residing; residentiary.