Definitions for "resample "
Resample is a small command-line application for converting sample rates and playing back audio data. It is based on a 16 bit fixed-point MMX-optimized polyphase filter bank, and should run in real time on any almost any processor. It is processor independent but requires the Linux Open Sound System to run.
Increase or decrease of the number of pixels in one or both axes of an image using a method that correlates adjacent pixel values to create a smooth pixel-to-pixel brightness transition.
The changing of the pixel dimensions (and therefore physical file size) of a picture or a graphic. Graphics can be resampled down (the number of pixels is decreased) or resampled up (the number of pixels is increased). When you resample a graphic down, pixel information is deleted from the graphic. When you resample a graphic up, new pixel information is created based on matching color values of the existing pixels. Resampling a graphic down and then resampling it up to its original resolution will cause the quality of the graphic to deteriorate considerably. In FrontPage, the Pictures toolbar contains the Resample command.