Definitions for "Requirements"
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A requirement is a statement of a system service, attribute or constraint.
The parameters placed on the development of a product or system. The requirements include the safety needs, the physical laws that will limit the development of an idea, the available resources, the cultural norms, and the use of criteria and constraints.
A formal statement of objectives that describes the features, functions and performance constraints to be delivered in the product.
The document that should be drafted for the desired functional specifications of the PACS. The document should form the basis for the Acceptance Test.
What the business requires from a computer system. It is advisable to spend time and effort in determining exactly what the requirements are before deciding what technology to buy – and certainly before spending money on it. A requirements specification may be a diagram or model (see MDA) - and removing errors or misconceptions from the requirements specification is very cost-effective.
The necessary capabilities and behavior of a system from the customer perspective defines the functional requirements. Non-functional requirements, for the most part, are introduced as an artifact of the design.
This indicates whether a course has any requirements for entry, such as pre-requisites, co-requisites, or prohibited combinations.
courses that must be taken to graduate with a particular major and degree. Requirements vary according to major.
The detailed specifics of what the program or area require. Requirements can be things such as the specific grades allowed, maximum number of courses, and minimum GPA's. The General University Requirements, major, and other university requirements are broken down into specific pieces known as area requirements. Each area requirement is independent and must be satisfactorily completed. The requirements are not completely satisfied if any individual area requirement is deficient and is marked “Not Met”.
a topic of controversy, and can affect the interpretations of EAA requirement studies and to what EAA levels practical diets are formulated
a major incentive for gathering data
The criteria an applicant or project must meet in order to receive an incentive, or steps that must be taken in order to receive the incentive, such as having a home energy audit performed or using an approved contractor.
a violation of the county's Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance and can result in penalties
are potential research and development activities that are a national priority for counter-terrorism agencies and which meet the requirement guidelines outlined on this website. Research proposals will be sought against individual requirements.
1) Customers have requirements or needs. If organizations are listening to customers, they will clearly identify customer requirements. The challenge for organizations is to translate these requirements into precise product/service specification. 2) Laws, statutes, rules, procedures, policies, specification, objectives, goals, operating directives, performance standards, etc.
An unlimited credit line; any order that the customer places is approved. Only very substantial and financially sound customers can be sold on a requirements basis.
features that a customer requests to be included in the design of a desired product
Non-negotiable events and qualities required for a relationship to work for you. If one is missing the relationship will not work and you have an unsolvable problem.
The black box view of the software system; i.e., those aspects of the software system that are detectable in the external world.
discipline in the software-engineering process, whose purpose is to define what the system should do. The most significant activities are to develop a vision use-case model, and supplementary specifications.
characteristics and behaviors that a piece of software must possess to function adequately for its intended purpose.
a routine use as published in the NPS System of Records Notice
an outstanding feature
Requirements are descriptions of how a product or service should act, appear, or perform. Requirements generally refer to the features and functions of the deliverables you are building on your project. Requirements are considered to be a part of project scope. High-level scope is defined in your project definition (charter). The requirements form the detailed scope. After your requirements are approved, they can be changed through the scope change management process.
Building Components, Upgrades, and Faction needed to build unit
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Specified essential attributes.
A description of essential elements for a defined activity.
a significant issue, impacting on the ability of covered plans to deliver promised benefits
A variety of different items that are ordered for examination by underwriters in order to effectively evaluate risk and make an assessment on an applicant's insurability. These requirements are obtained from several independent third-party providers of such information.
A condition necessary for the proper definition of the solution.
Conditions which must be satisfied before a title insurance policy will be issued insuring marketable title to a parcel of real property.
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Work that must be done for a class.