Definitions for "Request"
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The act of asking for anything desired; expression of desire or demand; solicitation; prayer; petition; entreaty.
That which is asked for or requested.
A state of being desired or held in such estimation as to be sought after or asked for; demand.
Command used when a borrower wants the library to hold an item for him or her. Patrons are able to place their own requests in STAR GATEWAY and in the web catalog, DRA WEB2. The Library previously used the term "reserve."
Connecticut's statewide library catalog. ( LINK)
used in conjuction with patron requesting an item currently unavailable; when the item becomes available it may go into a Hold status to fill the request.
On-line self-service feature on both ROGER and CDL databases for recalling or reserving a book, paging from the ANNEX or initiating an interlibrary loan.
Online feature for submitting interlibrary loan requests. (Internally referred to as PIR)
A request for Termination Services in a particular area. Request details include the desired Buyer Tariff and estimated traffic volume. Requests can be submitted by all Registered Users, with no commitments attached.
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an example of such strategies, the ACLU said
a page "on" the ACLU
See program call request.
The formatted information that the CallPath Services subsystem sends to a switch as a result of a program issuing a CallPath Services program call.
The formatted information that the Corepoint Telephony subsystem sends to a switch as a result of a program issuing a Corepoint Telephony program call.
an object containing the name and arguments for the service
Each page view by a client generates a request to Plone. This incoming request is encapsulated in a request object in Zope, usually called REQUEST (or lowercase "request" in the case of ZPT).
The submission from the pharmacy to the payer requesting adjudication of the patient's request for payment of a prescription.
Any Request by a Party directed to an Arbitrator or CMA for an Order or other relief, including any motion, petition or other type of Request.
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a list of iovec structures (base-length pairs) indicating where in user space or kernel space the I/O data is to be read or written
a pair of streams on a channel
To initiate a transaction in FedInvest.
A formal method for initiating a report or information to be created and delivered.
a collateral emergency shoved on them in an already very busy, full day
A collection of information that describes an event (transaction), such as a problem or a service request.
inquire for (information); "I requested information from the secretary"
a process of reading and reciprocal questioning between students and teachers. Students learn to model teacher questions while teachers provide feedback as the learner explores the meaning of reading material.
a command to read data from the address bar, of from a form
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a listed offer to buy something at a fixed price
a record of something you are currently praying for
Keywords:  honest, want, statement, direct, you
an honest, direct statement of what you want
a totally inappropriate standard of comparison
Keywords:  lawsuit, court
a lawsuit in court
The act of approaching any type of credit supplier for new or additional credit for business purposes.
the verbal act of requesting
a pointer to a function or method, parameter for it, identity number, and priority number
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a SQL statement
A request for a specific time period at a particular and resort.
Keywords:  bytes, string
a string of bytes
an action to be performed on a target
a specification of a communication between instances, such as a call action or a send action
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A record of a requested HTML page.
finding a page or a site through the use of a search engine or a directory.
an input by the application software running on the computer, for a particular type of service needed
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a special event
an order from a stock account or customer to another stock account
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a connection to an Internet site (i