Definitions for "Repurchase"
Keywords:  repo, gilt, redemption, regain, buy
To buy back or again; to regain by purchase.
The purchase of a security by the issuer. Normally associated with unit trust holdings where the units are repurchased by the managers from the holder or gilts at maturity (see: redemption date). See: repo.
An action taken by a company to buy back its own shares in the open market, thereby reducing the number of shares outstanding and increasing earnings per share.
An option that allows employees to cash out their TIAA-CREF accumulations that are too small to provide meaningful income later in life. Repurchase is subject to the terms of the retirement plan of the employee's institution.
Keywords:  imf, repayments, loan
Repayments on loan to IMF.
Keywords:  act
The act of repurchasing.