Definitions for "Repulsion"
Allelic arrangement of two linked heterozygous loci, in which each homologous chromosome has one mutant (a or b) and one wild-type (A or B) allele (ie. Ab/aB). Two linked heterozygous gene pairs in the arrangement, Ab/aB.
The phase state in which a dominant (or wild-type) allele at one locus and a recessive (or mutant) allele at a second locus occur on the same chromosome. Also called trans configuration. See coupling.
The act of repulsing or repelling, or the state of being repulsed or repelled.
the force by which bodies repel one another
the act of repulsing or repelling an attack; a successful defensive stand
Repulsion were an early death metal/grindcore band from Flint, MI. Their innovations were significant to the development of the death metal, black metal, and grindcore genres. Repulsion is an early band employing blast beats.
A feeling of violent offence or disgust; repugnance.
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intense aversion
The power, either inherent or due to some physical action, by which bodies, or the particles of bodies, are made to recede from each other, or to resist each other's nearer approach; as, molecular repulsion; electrical repulsion.
The mechanical force tending to separate bodies having like electrical charges or like magnetic polarity.
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Repulsion is a film made in 1965 directed by Roman Polański. It is Polański's first English language film, and was filmed in Britain.