Definitions for "Repudiation"
Keywords:  denial, refusal, took, honor, prove
The denial by a user of having participated in part or all of a communication.
Denial by a party to a transaction that the transaction ever took place.
Denial by an entity involved in a communication.
rejecting or disowning or disclaiming as invalid; "Congressional repudiation of the treaty that the President had negotiated"
a rejection of an agreement that a person was bound by. The repudiation can be a clear statement of rejection, or it can be implied from conduct. For example, a tenant might be a party to a residential tenancy agreement, but then abandon the premises. The abandonment could be interpreted as a repudiation of the agreement.
The act of repudiating, or the state of being repuddiated; as, the repudiation of a doctrine, a wife, a debt, etc.
One who favors repudiation, especially of a public debt.