Definitions for "Repro"
(1) The method of a fanzine's repro duction; printing. (2) Pertaining to the quality of the printing.
(reproduction proof) Positive-image, high-quality camera copy that the printer photographs to make printing plates.
High quality type proofs, usually on RC paper. Traditionally used for paste-ups.
Pre press operations, such as scanning and making of films
Pre-press camera work, scanning and film make-up.
Prepress camerawork, scanning and film make-up. Also, origination.
The Guild of Recording Producers, Directors and Engineers.
Java, making it a platform-independent reporting solution. It has an engine for rendering reports and a report WYSIWYG designer for creating report templates. repro report templates use an open FO-XSL format rather than a proprietary file format.
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a digital cut and has a consistant grove cut
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Making a false document.
a common abbreviation for the reproduction of illustrations; a company carrying out such work is called a 'repro house'.