Definitions for "Representativeness"
representativeness—the extent to which areas selected for inclusion in the reserve system are capable of reflecting the known biological diversity and ecological patterns and processes of the ecological community or ecosystem concerned.
(see also textbook glossary) A heuristic in which a person chooses the event that seems to be most representative of the population or process.
A sample is representative when it accurately reflects the population it is drawn from. When drawan at random, a very large sample can be assumed to be representative, but a small sample may be unrepresentative. To guard against unrepresentativeness, a sample can be stratified, or a maximum variation ample can be drawn.
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Property of an air mass that is typical of the air mass as a whole and thus may be used in airmass analysis.
The accuracy of the data when measuring the occurrence of a health event over time and its distribution by person and place.
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The quality or state of being representative.