Definitions for "Repository "
A collection of resources that can be accessed to retrieve information.
A storage place for object model interfaces, and implementation [D04760] RUP
A digital "place" for storing and retrieving certificates and other data.
A place where things are placed for safekeeping such as archives, libraries, museums.
A place where data is kept, like a file archive, database server, document management system, etc.
A place where archival materials are housed.
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a network accessible server that can process the six OAI -PMH requests in the manner described in this document
a network accessible server to which OAI protocol requests, embedded in HTTP, can be submitted
In OAI-PMH a repository is a network accessible server that is able to process OAI-PMH requests correctly. It accepts OAI Requests and generates valid OAI Responses in reply.
A collection of biological samples.
A repository is an Internet site that maintains and distributes a collection of software packages. In GAMS some repositories are free public-access sites, such as netlib, while others are computer systems accessible only by NIST staff. (In the latter case GAMS has made special arrangements to redistribute selected components.)
a collection of common elements can be shared and reused in different installation projects for quickly rolling out new setups
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Physical storage area for documents and/or electronic records. Refers to the Host Application's repository.
In VisualAge for Java, the permanent storage area containing all open and versioned editions of all program elements, regardless of whether they are currently in the workspace. The repository contains the source code for classes developed in (and provided with) VisualAge for Java, and the bytecode for classes imported from the file system. Every time you save a method in the IDE, it is automatically updated in the repository. See also SCM repository and shared repository.
a storage container for RDF
A repository is a container of the description of the artefact to be built. In the following, the repository is a running process.
A directory containing ProLiant Support Pack or Integrity Support Packs and Smart Components.
a directory or directory hierarchy outside of the default directory that contains files which the makefile needs in the current directory tree
A place where things are or may be reposited, or laid up, for safety or preservation; a depository.
Historical repositories preserve primary source materials, including manuscripts.
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Where the modules and revision records that you have put into version control are kept. This may be on your local machine or on a remote server.
a location where the files will be kept, this can be on the same machine, or it can be on a remote machine
a remote or local server from which a system can download software updates and images
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a lot like the ESB discussions
a source of packages which can be installed using dpkg or one of its frontends
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an enormous challenge
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a burial vault (usually for some famous person)
Repository allows you to create and manage your own repository of code templates. Its main goal to create a universal, simple, and flexible way to manage repositories of templates.
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(Recovery Manager User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
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a type of museum
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a person to whom a secret is entrusted
a framework for integrating advanced Web services
an integrated holding area
a trusted system in that it maintains physical, communications and behavioral integrity
an extension of the currency chest wherein a portion of the currency chest balance is permitted to be held at one or more other local branches of the same bank)
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a folder on your system where you will keep your code
an example of a trusted system
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See visual object repository.