Definitions for "Reporting"
The act of specifying and producing formatted information; in EIS, reporting can be preprogrammed reports (called Standard Reports ) or done as needed by the user (called ad hoc reporting).
Reporting takes place when the evaluator transmits the evaluation report (usually in the form of a document, or else through some audio-visual presentation) to the sponsors and when they, in turn, transmit a copy (or a summary thereof) to other interested parties. See also dissemination, evaluation report, evaluation sponsors, executive summary.
the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television; "they accused the paper of biased coverage of race relations"
the communication of information to another individual or a group of individuals; may be written or oral.
Process of periodic transmission of information about emissions and emission compliance to control authorities or to internal management of the installation
The process of printing or displaying information contained in a database, often the last step in database management.
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E-xact provides extensive reporting with our E-xact Member Services. Detailed deposit totals and online activity can be tracked daily.
Ecom Technology provides extensive reporting with our Ecom Technology Member Services. Detailed deposit totals and online activity can be tracked daily.
a backbone function of every company and the more timley and flexible the more focus can be put on improving the execution of company strategy
Planning activity involved with the development and issuance of (internal) time management analysis report s and ( external) progress report [D01633] PMK87
supplying information on the progress and achievements of a learner. Back to A-Z menu
maintaining the effect of illusory progress by giving good reports, regardless of actual progress. See Production Simulation
The act of making a report to the Department of Community Services. Reporting has replaced the term notifying.
the process of notifying the federal, State, regional, or local database of new cases of infections. This provides a "big picture" so that we can track different diseases.
The process of generating records administration reports from data managed by RM. It is a two-step process. Reports are first designed, and the design is saved for later reuse. Second, reports are generated by running the report design against the data. RM has a built-in report designer/generator, many host applications do not. Crystal Report Writer, a third-party report writer, can be used to generate reports on data from both RM and the host application.
A method of reporting shipment activity based on the premise that a quarter of a year is divided into thirteen weeks, where the first four weeks comprise a month, the second four weeks comprise the second month, and the remaining five weeks comprise the third month.
Predefined assessments over longer periods of time (e.g. Finances, Sales, Marketing, Production), that are generated on a regular basis or event-triggered and take a closer look at particularly critical connections.
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Please see logging.