Definitions for "REPORTER"
A writer who guesses his way to the truth and dispels it with a tempest of words. "More dear than all my bosom knows, O thou Whose 'lips are sealed' and will not disavow!" So sang the blithe reporter-man as grew Beneath his hand the leg-long "interview." Barson Maith
A person who gathers information and writes reports for publication in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter or television and radio broadcast.
A journalist who gathers information and writes news stories.
An officer or person who makes authorized statements of law proceedings and decisions, or of legislative debates.
A court official responsible for recording the proceedings in trials, including the questions addressed to, and answers made by, witnesses.
The employee in each chamber who transcribes all floor debate for insertion into the Legislative Record.
a software agent that monitors the states of all VRs associated with it
a software monitoring agent that a CSS uses to check and report the state of critical interfaces
In molecular biology, a gene which codes for an easily measured protein product and is fused downstream of the gene of interest in order to assess the activity in the region upstream of the reporter gene. Colorimetric and fluorimetric reporters also can be conjugated to probes to monitor biological events.
a molecule which can be bound to cDNA and subsequently detected. Fluorescent reporters are used to detect the presence of cDNA on the spots of a microarray.
a good source of information to see what's happening in and around Guadalajara
an ass sniffing around for signs of other's gas
a serial published by a private company which contains appellate opinions
a series of books under one title that reprints these opinions for use in research
The reporter is a plugin in Crystal Space that listens to messages. It supports the notion of errors, warnings, and notification messages. All components in Crystal Space use the reporter to report about unusual situations. An application can be aware of the reporter in two ways: it can either query the messages at regular intervals or else it can install a reporter listener. There is also a standard reporter listener plugin in Crystal Space which will use the console to output notification messages and use other means to report errors.
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a funny guy in the grand scheme of things
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a dangerous job
A user assigned performance target reporting tasks.
a kind of procedure that reports something to another procedure
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One who reports.