Definitions for "Reply"
To make a return in words or writing; to respond; to answer.
To answer a defendant's plea.
To return for an answer.
Information requested by a client program by means of the X protocol is sent back to the client with a ``reply.'' Both events and replies are multiplexed on the same connection. Most requests do not generate replies. Some requests generate multiple replies.
an acknowledgement (positive or negative) sent from server to user via the TELNET connections in response to FTP commands
an acknowledgment (positive or negative) sent from receiver to sender via the control connection in response to a MTP command
An event/document that is delivered to a requestor in response to a request event published by that system.
a public remark that a requestor can see
Information that is returned as a result of sending a request to the CyberSource ICS server.
the speech act of continuing a conversational exchange; "he growled his reply"
a distinct response to a formal question or attack in speech or writing
a short objection to the substance of a preceding speech
Figuratively, to do something in return for something done; as, to reply to a signal; to reply to the fire of a battery.
Something said or done in response (e.g. to reply to an opposition to a motion).
The reply made by applicants to institutional offers.