Definitions for "Replay"
Can be used to refer to either a replay file or the replay mode itself. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact offers very detailed replay functionality, suitable for the creation of gameplay movies. A full discussion of replay functions is available here.
Feature found in some shmups which allows players to record their onscreen gameplay and save it as a file to be viewed later, either by the player himself or by others. Used by many shmuppers to obtain visual tips on how to improve their skills. Replays made by exceptionally skilled players whose runs are perfect in execution (or nearly so) are sometimes called “super plays,” and are sometimes available for commercial sale, or come packaged with certain games. Some “super plays” also feature highly skilled players performing impractical but still impressive “stunt” feats, such as completing a game while controlling both the first and second player crafts by oneself. On that note, replays which feature more than one player craft onscreen are often called “double plays.
something (especially a game) that is played again
(television) showing again some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on video tape
A name given to a paranormal scenario that is not appropriate for the current century and seems out of place and appears out of nowhere. It is often called a ‘haunting' but in fact the participants in the scenario do not interact with the viewer but rather replay a scene, like a video, in front of the witness's eyes.
Personal TV service that runs on digital video recorders. Similar to TiVo. The Indrema will also have a similar feature. (Visit their website.)
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The Replay brand was started by Claudio Buziol in 1978, by his company named Fashion Box Industries SPA. Specializing in denim, Replay also produces designer clothing and accessories for men, women and children of all age groups. With a total sales of over 230 million Euros, Replay operates in all European markets, the Middle East, Asia and America with products sold in over 50 nations.
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Replay is a novel by Ken Grimwood first published by Arbor House in 1987. It won the 1988 World Fantasy Award.
Attack that attempts to trick the system by retransmitting a legitimate message. Some protocols include anti-replay mechanisms to detect and reject such attacks.
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Replay is the name of the Unix application used for viewing tracks back in the early 90's at MWC
a second round in same day at the same or an affiliated course at a discounted rate
Active Voice's conversational voice processing product line engineered specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.
to display graphics output that is stored in a catalog entry.
A return to the previous serving combination and initiation with no points being scored on the exchange.