Definitions for "Repayment"
The act of repaying; reimbursement.
The period when you are repaying the principal and interest of borrowed money. It usually begins after graduation and lasts for 10 years for students with federal educational loans.
Mortgage With a repayment mortgage you pay part interest and part capital repayments to the lender each month and in this way the capital that you borrowed is reduced until the loan is repaid.
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A loan is in repayment status when, after the expiration of the grace period, the loan is being billed by the loan holder and payments are due.
Payment made to cover interest or reduction in principal of a loan; monthly amount due to the lender.
The status of your student loan when your six-month grace period or interest-free status period has ended.
a refund from your own money to the payee
a returned payment, a cash refund, or an amount withheld from your annuity to recover an overpayment
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The paying back of an amount received from someone. The amount may have been received by way of a loan. For example, companies will make repayments of loan stock. Alternatively the amount may have been overpaid. For example a repayment of tax will be made to you if you have paid too much tax, or if too much tax has been deducted at source (such as under PAYE).
Procedure of paying-off Lenders/Creditors loan.
The time during which a borrower actively pays back an education loan. In most cases the maximum repayment term for Stafford loans is 10 years. Back to glossary main page
partial settlement of a debt (perhaps at monthly or quarterly intervals).
payment of a debt or obligation
a copy of cancelled checks, receipt(s) or a document from Seller acknowledging proof that the debt has been paid in full.
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The money or other thing repaid.
When a mortgage is repaid.
is not necessary until the borrower sells the property or moves into a retirement community.
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the act of returning money received previously