Definitions for "Rep"
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A fabric made of silk or wool, or of silk and wool, and having a transversely corded or ribbed surface.
Formed with a surface closely corded, or ribbed transversely; -- applied to textile fabrics of silk or wool; as, rep silk.
A ribbed cloth of lightly woven cotton.
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RETAIL ELECTRIC PROVIDER. A company that sells electricity to customers (residential, commercial, industrial). All Retail Electric Providers must be certified to do business by the PUC of Texas.
RETAIL ELECTRIC PROVIDER. As defined in PURA §31.002(17), a person, certificated pursuant to PURA §39.352, that sells Electric Power and Energy to Retail Customers.
Retail Electric Provider. A person or company that sells electricity to customers.
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Réacteur à eau sous pression
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creeping ("repens" "reptans" "repanda")
Performing one complete range of motion for a movement.
Moving a weight through a range of motion and then back again one time, short for repetition.
Short for Repetition, the number of times you perform a specific exercise within a set.
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Report file (filename extension).
Robots Exclusion Protocol. Text file placed under e.g. Used to prevent spider trawls of private or sensitive areas and image folders/stats files etc
Reputation, or Consecutive Damage of a weapon (Attribute)
A parameter used in many input/output and output processing instructions that allows one programming instruction to measure several identical sensors or to process data from several input locations. The sensors must be wired in consecutive channels. When REPs are greater than 1, the input locations are assigned consecutive numbers (e.g., with REPs of 2 and the first input location number is 5, the assigned input location numbers are 5 and 6). The input location's label for each repetition is the original label with an underscore and the next consecutive number appended to the end.
Unit of vapor permeance resistance; reciprocal of perm.
Managers for directors. They shop your reel, schmooze with video commissioners and do what they can to get work for the director. Also represent the director during the shoot to watch out for their best interests.
Regional Environmental Plan.
Regional Environment Plan, prepared by planningNSW
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This term hasn't been defined yet
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(Representative): Another name for agent; see CSR and TSR.
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rear endpaper - endpapers found inside the rear cover
Keywords:  phenomena, exciting, real
real exciting phenomena
Keywords:  tract
reproductive tract
1. A sales agent of any type. 2. An abbreviated reference to representations and warranties (i.e. used to collateralize
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Part of a design pattern known as handle/ rep (also known as proxy). Short for representation, this is the concrete class that receives calls forwarded by the handle. (A Java reference-to-an-interface within a handle can point to this.)
Short for representative. The station account executive who serves a local advertiser or agency.
Research Education Program
see 'Research Evaluation Programme'.
Resource Enhancement Projects
In a meeting message subject, indicates that the message is a report. Usually it will be followed by the committee or project name.
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See Units of radiation.
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representative; one who represents others or another in a special capacity
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This term stands for representative.